Integrating Health



Laura was born and raised in Brazil where she started her journey in the healing arts. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she moved to the United States to become a Registered Nurse (RN). While working as a bedside nurse for six years, she realized how little healing actually happened in such settings. She decided to broaden her knowledge to incorporate integrative approach skills when treating patients with emotional and physical ailments. In her view, our physical, emotional bodies, and mind are interconnected and any imbalance we experience in one will have a consequence on us as a whole. Consequently, one’s treatment approach must encompass the individual in all aspects. She believes patients should be seen as whole, not a set of symptoms or chief complaints.

Laura is a graduate of AIMC Berkeley and is currently studying to take her Acupuncture Licensing Exam. She is a Somatic Experience Practitioner and incorporates Craniosacral Therapy techniques and  into her work. She is a firm believer in our innate healing abilities and strives to help patients rediscover their own inner strength and empowers individuals to become active participants in their own healing process.

She has always had an interest in learning new languages and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.